Michiel Alberts                                                               Info


Contact: michiel.alberts@gmail.com

Born: Wilnis, The Netherlands, 1972. Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

My physical presence functions as a performative tool to question human conditions and its relations to cosmic order, time and landscapes. Through forms of abstraction I bring my content from a specific happening, or a specific social context to a larger existential scenery.

Michiel Alberts has participated in several group exhibitions: Rencontres Internationales Paris\Berlin, 2018, Deel 1 en 2 De Inleiding, at S.M.A.K. and CC Dendermonde, curated by Philippe Van Cauteren and Ben Benaouisse, Dendermonde, Gent, Belgium, (2015, 2013); Magicgruppe Kulturobjekt at Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany, (2012) and at Extra City Antwerp, Belgium, (2012); A Serpentine Gesture and Other Prophecies at FRAC Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain de Lorraine, Metz, France, (2011). The artist also participated in the Group exhibition El Manifesto De Santiago at Matucana, curated by Philippe Van Cauteren, Santiago, Chile, (2007).

Solo presentations and projects: Salutations, Gallery Eva Steynen Deviations, Antwerp, Belgium, (2014); Project DeSingel, a one year trajectory at DeSingel, Antwerp, Belgium, (2009-2010). During the project Michiel Alberts performed without audience in the new building, while under construction. At the opening, the artist presented a selection of his photographic material and gave a six hour live performance; Preparation for Leave-taking, in order to complete the project. Michiel Alberts performed three hour live performances at Gemak Art Institute, The Hague, The Netherlands, (2010), Playground Festival at Stuk Leuven, curator Eva Wittocx, Leuven, Belgium, (2008) and Croxhapox in Gent, Belgium (2007).


2020-NOW Design Academy Eindhoven, Foundation Year, Teaching; Performance & Other Media, Eindhoven.

2018 - NOW: Design Academy Eindhoven, BA Teaching;  Performance, Body in Motion Class, Body&Mind, Eindhoven.

2017 HISK, Visiting Lecture, Gent 

2016 HISK, Jury, Gent

2016 HISK, Visiting Lecture, Gent 

2015 HISK, Masterclass Performance in Theater and Visual Art, Gent 

2015 Sin Collectief Reizen Jihad, movement, Monty Antwerpen 

2014 Eva Steynen Deviations, Conversation with Louwrien Wijers, Antwerp, Belgium 

2014 St Joost, Masterclass Space/time, den Bosch, the Netherlands 

2011 Gmak, Lecture, the Hague, the Netherlands 

2010 St Lucas Brussels multi media, mid-term reports, jury, Brussels, Belgium  



2007-2008 Higher Institute for Fine Arts HISK, Gent, Belgium 

2002-2005 DasArts (MA) Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

1994-1997 Theater School Maastricht, Actors Department, Maastricht, The Netherlands 

1991-1992 Skidmore College, Theater Department, USA 



2022 The Big Black Bird, Theater performance, WithWit, Krokus festival and others, Belgium

2021 Differences, Hisk Alumni, curated by Willem Elias, Brussels, Belgium

2021 Captain Nemo, Theater installation, Stormkop, Antwerp, Belgium.

2020 The City, Theater Performance, WithWit, Sunflower Festival and others, Belgium

2020 The Tamer of Time, Theater Performance, WithWit, Krokus Festival and others, Belgium

2019 S.M.A.K.- 20 Years, 7h-Performance 'Counting Numbered Days', Ghent, Belgium.

2018 Rencontres Internationales, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany

2018 Rencontres Internationales, Forum des Images, Paris, France

2018 Art Brussel, Mystic Properties, group exhibition, Belgium

2017 AMOR FATI, duo exhibition, Antwerp Zuid, Belgium 

2017 Trust is not a mood, barely an emotion, group exhibition, ING Bank Gent, Belgium 

2017 Trust in the unexpected, group exhibition, Governors’ Mansion Gent, Belgium 

2016 ICU, Group exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium  

2015 S.M.A.K, Deel 2 ‘de inleiding’, Group exhibition / Performances with Angel Vergara Ben Benaouisse Honoré, d'O Benjamin Verdonck, Michiel Alberts, Loek Grootjans, Bart Stolle. Curatoren: Ben Benaouisse en Philippe Van Cauteren, Gent, Belgium 

2015 Travel agency -Jihad, Theater Performance, Sin Collective, Monty Antwerpen, Belgium. 

2015 Eva Steynen Deviations, group exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium 

2014 Solo Exhibition ‘Salutations’, Eva Steynen Deviations, Antwerp, Belgium 

2013 Second Room, Group Exhibition, Performance ‘ Possible Revolution’, Antwerpen, Belgium 

2013 Lokaal 01 Breda (einde) Performance ‘ Voor ieder en niemand’, Breda , The Netherlands 

2013 CC Belgica, Deel 1 ‘de inleiding’, Group exhibition / Performances with Angel Vergara Ben Benaouisse Honoré, d'O Benjamin Verdonck, Michiel Alberts, Loek Grootjans, Bart Stolle. Curatoren: Ben Benaouisse en Philippe Van Cauteren, CC Belgica, Dendermonde, Belgium 

2013 Cultuurcentrum Evergem, Screening Behind the Radiator, Evergem, Belgium 

2012 Nicc, Open Studios, presentation, Antwerpen, Belgium 

2012 Ludwig Forum, Magicgruppe Kulturobject, Performance, Aachen Germany Extra City, Magicgruppe Kulturobject, Performance, Antwerpen Belgium 

2011 Frac Lorrain, A Serpentine Gesture And Other Prophecies, Performance in Collaboration with Monika Grzymala, Metz, France Monty 

2011 ABN, group exhibition, video 26 x 1minute, Antwerpen, Belgium

2010 Gemak, Accidental Event, performance , The Hague, The Netherlands deSingel, Project deSingel, one year traject, photography, film, performance, Antwerpen, Belgium 

2009 deSingel, 4faces / 4boxes, live concert, dance and video installation, Antwerpen, Belgium deSingel, 2 X 3, a Battle of Strings, live concert with video installation, Antwerpen, Belgium 

 2009 Own research on concepts MA and Tokyo Subway Ballet, performance / video Jarg Geismar, Tokyo, Japan Japan. 

 2008 PERCHE REALIZZARE UN'OPERA QUANDO E COSI BELLO SOGNARLA SOLTANTO? HISK Gent, 16mm/video installation 'Rollen / Rolling', Gent, Belgium 

2008 Playground Festival, Stuk, performance 'Rollen / Rolling', Leuven, Belgium Playground Festival, Stuk, group exhibition, video installation 'Rollen / Rolling', Leuven, Belgium 

2008 Monty ABN, 'Back in Antwerpen, group exhibition, video and photographs, Antwerpen, Belgium Artcinema Off Off Gent, screening film Shak Shak Shak, Gent, Belgium 

2008 HISK, open Studio's, Gent, Belgium 2007 Matucana, SMAK, 

2008 El Manifesto De Santiago, performance, ' A Warm Salute', Santiago, Chili 

2007 Maes & Matthys Gallery, Music@venture, Festival van Vlaanderen, Performance 'Zolang vaagte nog', Antwerp, Belgium 

2007 Croxhapox, Performance, 'In another Dark', Gent, Belgium 

2007 Artlife gallery, screening film 'In search of company' 26 x 1minute, Venice, Italy, Unternehmungspark, Kassel, Germany  

2007Mobile Institute, performance 'Rendez-vous', Brussel, Belgium 

2007 Lokaal 01/Breda's museum, group exhibition, Breda, The Netherlands 

2007 Artcinema Off Off Gent, screening film 'Op het bankje', Gent, Belgium 

2007 Lokaal 01, Atjehfilm- avonden, Antwerpen, Belgium HISK, open Studio's, Gent, Belgium 

2006 Lokaal 01, Performance, 'In another dark', Antwerp, Belgium 

2005 Air Antwerpen, DasArts Final Project, presentation, photo books, Antwerpen, Belgium 

2005Dutch Open, International Festival Dutch Film - and Video Art De Balie/Montevideo/Timebasedart, screening film ‘Bodhgaya’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

2005 De Appel, Center of Fine Arts Arts, Radiodays, Performance Drek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2004 Festival Der Nationen, Filmfestival Ebensee, screening film ‘Wachtlokaal’, Ebensee, Austria 

2004 DasArts, group exhibition slides/film/video, ‘Y-water/ Wett cell’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

2002-2004 ATJEHFilm-avonden,, Monthly film-video-experiments, screening video/film: ‘Shak Shak Shak’, ‘Calan’, ‘Binnenplaats’, ‘Op het bankje’, ‘Saha’, ‘Portret van een seinwachter’, ‘Moeke’, ‘Wachtlokaal’, ‘Befaamde uitspraken’, ‘Memorie’, ‘Bodhgaya’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

 2001 Holland Festival, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, John Cage’s Songbook, screening film ’Draai ’99’ Amsterdam, The Netherlands