Michiel Alberts                                                               Film

New Days To Come (HDVideo B&W, Sound, 8m09, Michiel Alberts, 2020)

New Days To Come shows three sequences of three frozen movements in grey landscapes. Presence here becomes a still image, an inverted time. In our current Corona state the films can be seen as a ritual reflection upon our human condition. The 3 films can be shown in 3 separate screenings or as one combined work.

AMOR FATI (HDVideo, Colour, 22m05, Michiel Alberts, 2018) (Short Preview version 2m40)

Amor Fati is a film about present human conditions and a current state of mankind. The title relates to a quote from F. Nietzsche on embracing the inescapable. Michiel Alberts also refers to a myth around Nietzsche holding on to the neck of a horse while falling into insanity. The film seems to both answer and question at the same time, pointing to a sheltering state as well as a form of proclamation.

The Inner Proclamation of ICE AGE (HD Video, B&W, No Sound, 14m30, 2017)

In this new Video work abstract and ritual actions take place. Michiel Alberts used his own Ice Age paintings and drawings as inner pictures for movement. The Inner Proclamation of Ice Age refers to human failure. Next to a proclamation of an upcoming time, it also seems an attempt to expel the course of things.


Michiel Alberts is currently working on a series of K. Films. The films relate to different short texts by F. Kafka. Michiel Alberts performs and films his actions in order to transform the stories into a visual image bringing it to current time in an existential scenery.

Another Gate Before the Law (HDVideo, B&W, 17m13, Michiel Alberts, 2017)

The film Another Gate Before the Law refers to the text Before the Law, by F. Kafka. In between photography and film, stillness and movement, a man is dealing with his present situation, his physical state and his human condition.

The Ongoing Battle (HDVideo, B&W, 11m31, Michiel Alberts, 2017)

The Ongoing Battle refers to the text Hände by F. Kafka and also refers to the current ongoing battles and present state of the world.

SOUP (HD, B&W, Sound, 6m34, 2017)

SOUP refers to a text about a stoker and his son from the octavo notebooks by F. Kafka. Michiel Alberts invited his son Josse Alberts to perform. The film revers to a dark fatiguing state as well as to hope.

The Forgotten Days of a Hunger Artist  (HDVideo, Colour, 05m28, 2017) 

The Forgotten Days of a Hunger Artist refers to the text The Hunger Artist, by F. Kafka. The film is a poetic comment on the present world of high speed entertainment and on forgotten human senses.

SALUTATION (HD Video, B&W, 10m, Sound, 2015).

ATO (HD Video, B&W, Sound, 6m09, 2015.)


Sand Drawings T2 (HD Video, B&W, 9m06, 2014).

Waiting for the Storm ( VideoSound, 8m01, 2014)

A White March / Een witte mars (Video, B&W, Sound, 4m46, 2013).

ROOF (Video, Sound, 8m50, 2013).

WALL (Video, B&W, 8m26, 2012).


Canvas Cobra TV Michiel Alberts

Project DeSingel, 5m, 2010.

ROLLING (16mm on HD, 3x projection, Video installation, 1H loop, B&W, 2008).


Rolling Playground (Original version 3x projection, Video Installation, Colour, 3H loop, 2008).

Rendez-Vous (Original version 3H, Colour, 2008).

Behind the Radiator (Original version 37m27, B&W, 2007).